22.Apr. 2014

Alan Ward interviewed by the Intellectual Property Alliance

AWC's Alan Ward was interviewed and filmed for Cluster 2020 Live a well-known and proactive business support organisation.

Alan was asked about Intellectual Property for the creative industries and how to use it to best protect your ideas and then exploit it.

It proved an interesting discussion with contributions from various industry experts including the MD of Bang Creations, one of AWC's partners. See what you think - as always, comments welcomed.  

10.Apr. 2014

'An excellent, well-balanced talk'

Alan Ward gave a talk on commercial value to around 25 members of the WRTI at the Solent Southampton University last night.

John Kinghorn, the Club secretary commented that it was well-received and proved to be 'an excellent well-balanced talk with realism about the critical factors determining an invention's viability. Skilful and well-received engagement with the audience'.

Alan commented; ' I am always delighted to have the opportunity to work and discuss ideas with an enthusiastic audience such was provided by the WRTI and I am delighted that they seemed to enjoy it as much as did'.

09.Apr. 2014

Preparations underway for WRTI presentation

A new but familiar topic for presentation, assessing and realising commercial value is an important skill and process for any business or individual in the world of innovation.

How do you choose a project or product to develop, what are it's benefits over others and what is it worth to it's potential customers?

AWC is hoping to explore these questions in a workshop style presentation this evening and to hear and learn from the views and experiences of the many inventors and business people present.

01.Apr. 2014

AWC to speak at WRTI

Assessing and realising commercial value is a tricky process, particularly for individuals or businesses who lack knowledge and expertise in the innovatioin process, new product development and product commercialisation.

AWC's Alan Ward is talking to the Wessex Round Table of Inventors (WRTI) next Wednesday 09th April inSouthampton on this very subject.

Alan commented, 'The WRTI is a great club and network for anyone interested in inventing around Southampton. They provide a constructive and positive forum for like-minded individuals and businesses to discuss new ideas and inventions and have access to a range of organisations and resources to support their members.'

'I am always delighted to be invited to speak to the Team and only hope they get as much from the experience as I do.' 

13.Mar. 2014

'Faster Growth; what's stopping you?'

Senior business people from a range of different SME's enjoyed an illuminating event last night that focused on how GrowthAccelerator could provide the help their businesses need to grow and thrive.

Businesses from IT, wealth and event management to engineering, boat building and specialist coffee manufacturer were represented and the GrowthAccelerator team took the attentive audience through the details of the service.  

Not only did the team provide a detailed review of the service, it's success to date and what stage a business needs to be at to be eligible but the owner of a marketing group and a happy customer (and his coach) presented an entertaining and compelling case study.