30.Jun. 2014

Patents: Myths and misconceptions part 2 -

The second part of Alan Ward's well-read article on the myths and misconceptions of patents has been published in the June edition of the UKIPO's Insight newsletter and the website.

This time it covers the costs, timing and nature of patents. It explains why timing is important and how this can impact cost and risk. The article also explains that how and when to protect your idea is ultimately a personal decision concluding that you should know what you want to achieve and how, challenge your idea, talk Intellectual Property early but only protect when you are ready.

30.May. 2014

Alan Ward Published in UKIPO's Insight

AWC's Alan Ward has recently has the first of two articles; Patents; myths & misconceptions, aiming to lift the curtain on the mysteries and misconceptions of patents in the UK Intellectual Property Office's (UKIPO) Insight magazine

Alan comments, 'Too many people resort to patents without really understanding their purpose, value and cost. They have their place of course but they are also a quick way of wasting a lot of money. You need to know your options and the importance of timing first and this is what I have sought to explain.

It is painful to see early stage businesses and individuals spending a chunk of their scarce cash on patents and other intellectual property for the wrong reasons and potentially worthlessly'.

28.May. 2014

Probably the best presentation in our history

AWC's Alan Ward recently spoke to the renowned Croydon Round Table of Inventors on assessing and realising the commercial value of product and business ideas. 

'What's my idea worth?' is a question that challenges many entrepreneurs and inventors. Alan addressed this through providing a range of examples and challenging the room to consider different ways of thinking about it. He concluded with the simple message that whilst no one really knows for sure, there are simple things that can be done to improve your chances of success. 

Alan commented; 'I was delighted as ever to speak to the club. However, as such a talk can only be truly measured by the audience, I was even more delighted to receive the following commendation; "An excellent presentation to our members. The workshop was inspirational, directive and fun. The interaction between Alan and our members was amazing, or to use another word; "Awesome". I have no hesitation in saying that it was probably the best presentation by a guest speaker that we have ever had in our 11 year history, thank you".' 

08.May. 2014

AWC to speak at RTI in Croydon

AWC is delighted to announce that they have been invited to speak to the lively and long-standing Round Table of Inventors in Croydon on Tuesday 13th May from 18.30.

The Club is one of the largest in the UK with over 500 members.  AWC's Alan Ward commented; 'The RTI has been instrumental in helping many budding inventors and entrepreneurs alike.  Their monthly meetings always prove entertaining and informative; it is a pleasure in be invited to speak'.

The Club welcomes new members and is always happy to welcome people who fancy coming along to see what it is all about. So if you are interested, please contact us or the Club's Chairman, Barry Slayford for more details.

25.Apr. 2014

Alan gives the 'Investors View'; how and where to find funding

AWC's Alan Ward was interviewed and filmed for Cluster 2020 Live a well-known and proactive business support organisation.  It was hosted at one of Google's innovative buildings in London.

Alan was asked about sources of and finding funding for start-up creative businesses, basically how and where to find money.

Other interviewees included the MD of Creative England and the well-known entrepreneur and ex-Dragon doug Richards. See what you think - as always, comments welcomed.