30.Jul. 2015

Alan Ward Published in UKIPO's Insight

We are delighted that Alan Ward was asked by the IPO to write an article for their Blog on prototypes - the result? - 'Prototypes; who needs them' published today.

The article covers the pros and cons of product prototypes, why you may need, or not need a prototype, how you should use a prototype if you have decided that you do and where you might go to get one made.

As always, we welcome constructive feedback.

02.Jul. 2015

Association of Business Mentors talk a great success

Alan Ward was invited to present to the Association of Business Mentors and to talk engagingly on a subject that the members were unlikely to know much about.

Alan chose to speak about Inventors versus Entrepreneurs, how they should be considered and compared and how Business Mentors could help inventors achieve.

Alan commented how enjoyable the meeting had been; 'The team were attentive and supportive and the fact that feedback was such that the Chair said she felt that it was one of the best talks they had had made it that much more rewarding.  I was delighted to be invited and even more so to have since been asked to join the Association'. 

14.May. 2015

Alan Ward to speak to the Association of Business Mentors

Alan is delighted to be asked to speak at the next meeting of the Association of Business Mentors.

Kerrie Dorman, the Association Founder, asked for something a little different to be delivered to the members and Alan has agreed to talk a little about the world of inventors, how to help them, how they differ from Entrepreneurs and whether there is any way of accurately judging an ideas potential.  

01.Apr. 2015

AWC judges engineering at local FI in schools

AWC was delighted to be asked to be one of the two engineering judges at the local regional final of F1 in schools kindly hosted by the UTC Reading.

Working with a group of professionals from a number of local businesses, AWC's Alan Ward partnered with ex-F1 Performance Director John Iley to judge the engineering of the enthusiastic students' projects.

The event consisted of around a dozen teams of four primary school students each from schools in the region.  Alan admitted afterwards that not only was it tough to judge the work when all the students had worked so hard but that it was even more difficult to choose a winning team at the end of the day.


09.Jan. 2015

The Bloodhound car has arrived

Amidst much interest, the 13.5m mock-up arrived this morning at John Madejski Academy in Reading.

Needless to say, the car came complete with it's skilled team who not only set-up the impressive model but also prepared the various workspaces ready for the first batch of 120 enthusiastic students due at the Academy on Monday.