Reading Secondary Heads: Quarterly meetings

The Reading Secondary Heads Forum is a group of proactive head teachers and principals from local, state funded schools and colleges.

They met quarterly but felt that the Groups’ potential was not being fully realised and needed a new approach.




It was proposed that we attend an exceptional meeting to meet the Group and try and understand the dynamic, potentially draft terms of reference and identify options.


Having identified the keys issues together with what each member of the Group wanted from meeting and was prepared to bring, a report was issued outlining a revised structure and way forward. 

This included a terms of reference document establishing why, what and how the Group should work and a proposal as to how the priorities might be derived and focused upon going forward. 


The report and proposals were supported and adopted.  It was also agreed that we should facilitate the Group going forward – which is done on a voluntary basis.

The Group has now been both galvanised and re-energised having already started and achieved a number of initiatives to the benefit of the member schools and Reading secondary education.