Recharge: Green Growth Platform

An early stage, electrically assisted bicycle courier business was hoping to secure European funding to support the development of an operational and business management mobile application.




Working as a team with The Business Mentors and the local University, we advised on the approach to take to complete a tender and hopefully secure the desired capital € funding.  

Keep it punchy, answer all the questions and adhere to the tender requirements.


An approach was agreed and responsibilities assigned.  Meetings and/or teleconferences ensured the project was efficiently coordinated and progress established and measured. 

We undertook a market review looking at the customers, end-users, the issues and broader opportunity with an additional focus on how the solution would be scaled and rolled out.


The tender was completed and submitted on time, accepted and successful. 

It has thus progressed through to the final stage requiring the submission of a more detailed proposal and assessment prior to award.