Bang Creations: Lojo Ball

Bang Creations had created the Lojo Ball, a new and unique seating product.  

They had national and international publicity but needed help to manage this interest and developing it into sustainable and profitable sales, making sure the process did not adversely affect the core business.





Balance reactivity with proactivity to achieve sustainability.  It was important to assess, prioritise and manage the live opportunities whilst identifying and targeting potential ones.  This included identifying potential conflicts, those that were unlikely to be cost-effective or didn’t align with the brand.  


Creating a strategic, operational, tactical and moreover sustainable sales and business development approach and then following it through.  It was not practical to service lots of small customers. 

All leads were assessed and a market review undertaken.  Potential clients that were able to provide the brand and regional coverage we needed were identified and approached, costings finalised, contractual conditions set and the day to day managed.  This included major UK retailers, international agents and distributors.    


Profitable and sustainable coverage across the UK high street, online and internationally including clients such as Fenwicks and John Lewis and distributors in France, Germany and Holland resulting in £1m of sales (approx.).