John Laing - waste management, technology review

A blue chip international originator, active investor and manager of infrastructure projects was involved with the funding of the largest city waste PFI in Europe.  

They needed to assess the proposed technologies within the project to identify sustainability and risk.




That the operational objectives of the project, the process and related technologies needed to be clearly identified, assessed and challenged. 

Their characteristics should be compared with cutting edge and best practice technologies being researched and developed within leading universities.



The project, industry and technologies were researched in detail and were assessed and compared with the project requirements and proposed processes. 

The leading Universities, both within the industry and on the subject technologies, were identified and consulted regarding performance, longevity, alternatives and risk.


A presentation clearly showing the pros and cons of processes employed and the key, perceived risks based on the research secured. 

This enabled the customer team to present the findings to the Board enabling steps to be taken to eliminate, mitigate or protect against the risks involved.