Bloodhound SSC: Reading

Bloodhound SSC is the UK’s world land speed record attempt.  The team are aiming to achieve 1,000mph and to use the project as a vehicle to promote science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in schools, inspiring our future generation of scientists and engineers.  

We felt that the project would really inspire local students if we could get the team and car to come to Reading.




A great project to bring to Reading.  Not only could the John Madejski Academy (JMA) host the event to help raise the profile of STEM within a school in a highly deprived area but other local schools could also get involved maximising impact. 



Speaking to the Bloodhound team they were keen but needed more schools to make the project viable.  JMA were keen so other local secondary schools were then approached to gather support and promote the project. 

The event needed to be planned, coordinated and managed including local and regional promotion and securing participation from internal staff, local secondary and primary schools, businesses and potential sponsors.


The largest event of its kind.  A month in duration it involved over 2,100 primary and secondary students, 100 teachers and over 50 businesses. 

Over £2k of sponsorship was also secured that contributed significantly to the costs.