Bisley: Stage

Bisley, a major UK manufacturer, purchased rights to a new commercially orientated furniture product. 

They had also identified a market opportunity in the residential market and wanted help to match the two, developing and launching the product accordingly at one of the largest industry shows in Europe.




The product is too costly for the residential market and it provides functionality that is unlikely to benefit the customer in a way they would pay for.  It should be adapted to suit.


Working with the design team, market and customer research was undertaken in order to revise the project scope and brief and enabling the product’s redevelopment. 

Ongoing value engineering and supplier negotiations took place, a new product costing model developed, retail pricing proposed and promotional material created noting the budget and timescales.


The new product was successfully re-targeted to the residential and retail markets and was launched on-time, within budget and complete with a set of electronic promotional material. 

The products first client is a major UK high street retailer.