Bisley: Mondo

FC Brown, a large UK manufacturer, wanted help to develop a new product range.

Derived from an existing range, it was to be launched into Europe and beyond through the Business' various subsidiary and partner organisations from France to the US.




Simplicity and cost are key.  It should be easy to understand, specify, order, stock, build and invoice. 

Furthermore, it is a familiar concept so marketing collateral needs to be neat, effective and easy to use and adapt/evolve.


Following our proposed development process, we worked with the design team to hone the design and develop the marketing and promotional material to meet the brief and the subsidiaries’ requirements. 

The product was adapted away from its donor product where elements failed to meet the revised operational or commercial requirements.  The subsidiaries and suppliers were involved directly throughout to ensure the solution truly addressed their needs and was cost-effective.  


A visually clean and light product that answered the brief.  Fully electronic promotional material for the first time enabling punctual delivery and reduced costs. 

The product was launched on time, to budget and to considerable and positive interest.