JMA: Sixth Form Centre funding

The Academy had a 40-year old and very tired building on its site perimeter. Its condition combined with its location and lack of specific use resulted in underutilisation and its deterioration.  

They needed help in deciding its best use and way of funding its redevelopment.  






Derive its most effective use, create a suitable plan, secure capital funding and refurbish the building.


A potential source of capital funding was identified.  Research was then undertaken with the Academy team and local community to help identify the most appropriate use for the building and how it could deliver most value. 

Having developed a brief and identified what felt like a realistic budget to ask for balancing need with the likelihood of success, we worked with the Architect and Quantity Surveyor to create a plan which was then incorporated within the capital tender.


Securing nearly £700k of capital maintenance funding from the Government to re-develop the building into an adult themed Sixth Form and community outreach centre to help local children and their families and to enable the building to be fully utilised.