Why GrowthAccelerator?

Delivered by a specialist consortium consisting of Grant Thornton, Oxford Innovation, Pera and Winning Pitch, GrowthAccelerator provides business growth guidance, subsidised coaching, matched funded additional training and a range of other support services such as workshops and online resources.

Initially, the interested business needs to prove it's eligibility. This is a fairly straight forward exercise and involves addressing issues such as being an SME registered in England, less than £40m turnover and 250 employees and proving its wish and capability to grow.

The business is then required to pay a one-off lump sum based upon it's size:

  • 1-4 employees          £600 (+£700 VAT)
  • 5-49 employees       £1,500 (+£700 VAT)
  • 50-249 employees  £3,000 (+£700 VAT)

From there you are met by your local Growth Manager who will work with you to develop a growth plan establishing objectives and timescales. This then enables you to have a dedicated, Growth Coach who is a specialist in this space and is targetted at helping you achieve your plan. These individuals will/should have relevant, specialist skills and you can either find your own or choose from a number suggested by your Growth Manager.

The benefits for the right businesses are many and varied including:

  • External, objective, dedicated and specialist assistance to help you achieve your growth plan
  • A Growth Coach who will work with you typically for between 3-9 months depending on your objectives and what is agreed
  • Up to £2,000 matched funding for additional training for each member of your senior team
  • A range of workshops and masterclasses focused on overcoming barriers to and encouraging growth
  • Access to a lively network and community working to achieve similar things to you 

Often you know what you should do or need to do to encourage your business to grow. However, it can be difficult to do this by yourself and your time is too often spent in the business rather than on the business.

A third party who is less emotionally involved with the business and dedicated to a single aim can be exactly what you need to make the changes you know need to happen. They should work for you and with you to ensure the business moves in the direction you want it and need it to. If you can get this invaluable coaching and support for a subsidised cost supported by the Government and a dedicated support network why wouldn't you?

Over 10k companies have already signed-up  and gone through GrowthAccelerator and the feedback is resoundingly positive - success stories.

If you would like to know then please contact us (AWC is a registered Growth Coach) or contact GrowthAccelerator directly.