Why the Manufacturing Advice Service (MAS)?

Funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, MAS is delivered by Grant Thorton, Pera Consulting Ltd, South West Manufacturing Advisory Service Ltd and the West Midlands Manufacturing Consortium Ltd.

With a dedicated 80-strong team of business and manufacturing specialists, it also has an extensive network of independent commercial specialists who are registered to support the service, of which AWC is one. 

The Team will work with you and your management team to:

  • Plan long-term strategies
  • Improve processes
  • Design, develop and commercialise new products
  • Develop your supply chain

Initially MAS provides a free of charge business review. If the result is positive then a specialist consultant will get involved (whether provided by you or your MAS advisor) to help you achieve your goal. This is typically 50% matched funded by MAS up to an agreed limit.

There is also specific funding for new product development. This starts at 50% and totals around £9k depending on project scope and specifics.

Apart from being an SME ie less than 250 employees/£40m turnover with an appetite to grow and improve, eligibility is straight forward and paperwork light. MAS focuses primarily on manufacturers but do not assume you are not eligible just because you are not sure whether your business strictly qualifies as one.

Alan Ward has worked with MAS for many years and has been involved in over 16 MAS funded product development projects with matched funding totalling in excess of £100k. Experience has shown the MAS team to be skilled, committed and helpful.

If your business makes something, whether in the UK or elsewhere, is involved in delivering a process, innovating or developing new products we whole heartedly recommend that you contact MAS to see how they can help you.

If you need further information please contact us or MAS directly.